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April 25, Stephen Curry only played three quarters will be harvested 30 + quasi-three pairs, Stephen Curry Shoes helping the Warriors 4-0 swept the Blazers promoted to the next round.
Due to the existence of two pairs of three pairs of brushes, two MVP library this season is not even in the relevant awards to discuss. Of course, he will certainly appear on the list of candidates, because in any case, his performance is still excellent.
Before the start of the series, the pioneer of Damian - Lillard has said "series will end in six games," Curry quite obedient, the first three games to lead the Warriors completed a 3-0 lead.
Stephen Curry Two Low Today's fourth war, he still does not intend to give opponents the opportunity. The first half of the crazy, Curry in the arc outside the 8-for-5 under the H-21 points to help the team leading to 24 points.
In fact, the Warriors in the first section of the 23 points after the lead is too relaxed, so that the pioneers of God once in the second section of the formation of repression. Fortunately, the library took over the game, let the team in the second quarter to continue to win.
Buy Stephen Curry Two Low Such a library to let the Blazers feel the league last season by the gods of the ball dominate the horror, he was called "the wind against the crime," the third hit, so that once the 9 vote in the CJ-McLerme what exactly The This is the destruction of faith.
After three quarters, the Warriors lead to 26 points, the outcome has been divided in the library punch card get off work, his campaign three points 11 shots 7 get 37 points 8 assists and 7 rebounds. The other two steals to make their own beyond Rick - Barry, with 106 steals to become a warrior season team history steals the king. At the same time, his playoff career hit three points also came 261, tied Robert - Horry, tied for ninth in history.
Of course, the most critical thing for the warriors is that a playoff game in the past, Stephen Curry Two Low Sale they still have a healthy library.