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Best Nike KD 10 White Grey Mens Basketball Shoes

With the Warriors in the NBA playoffs all the way triumph, as the team's superstar, Durant's latest generation of boots Nike KD 10 naturally attracted many eyes. Recently, the network released a group of feet on the picture, we may wish to feel in advance!
The Nike Basketball Shoes are made of pure white Flyknit weave, gray suede material to create the heel with the stabilizer, Nike Swoosh and KD Logo with metallic silver embellishment. And before the obvious improvement is that the middle of the bottom to build the shoelace hole and bold shoelaces system, I am afraid that the package can be used to describe metamorphosis. Multi-dimensional ring outsole texture has also been redesigned, and finally equipped with almost the same as before the full palm Zoom Air, the details of the performance upgrade or for all to see!
KD 10 cushioning is still excellent, although I have not tried the previous KD 9, but from a very popular editor of the KD 9 mouth has been in these two boots is very pertinent evaluation, so the cushioning performance , KD 10 absolutely called "still" excellent. At the same time, even if I was a KD series of "early adopters", but have to say, in the sense of shock, this pair of KD 10 can definitely capture your feet in the first time. The use of the entire palm Zoom Air let it inherit the advantages of the previous generation, as we have mentioned in the KD 9 evaluation, such a cushioning design specifically according to the different position of the foot of the Zoom Air will be a simple and clear fine - after the palm more thick, forefoot slightly thin feedback more direct.
The Nike Kevin Durant KD 10, the biggest gimmick than the whole of the upper Flyknit design, this "cover" it is the previous Hyperdunk 2016 FK is very similar. But then back, take "support and protection", the KD 10 can definitely comment on a good - to increase the widening of the shoelace perforation, so that the coverage of the laces more extensive; as with the external TPU and boots The sponge can also fill the perfect control of the feet.
Flyknit's soft still, full palm Zoom Air soft and comfortable, shoe last internal space sufficient, a lot more than the previous generation boots wide.
In the outsole, different from the previous 9th generation of hexagonal lines, KD 10 with a new concentric round water ripple outsole lines. This design and the word pattern is exactly the end of the same, the pattern of staggered, will take every step are firmly locked in their own control of the range, the touch of the feedback is very good.
If the Nike KD 10 as a pair of "new" boots look, no doubt, it is very good. It is true that, even with the previous 9th generation, the gradual improvement of the KD 10 is absolutely remarkable. Excellent basketball shoes in the top of the basketball players, as the signature shoes is so They are tailored for the star, like Kevin Durant himself, wantonly ride in the NBA playoffs on the track, a pair of excellent boots, it only needs to be "excellent" can, but not more than "more excellent".