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Since the announcement of the ESPN, Warriors coach Steve Cole and headed star Stephen Curry denied the rumors about the first time on February 12, Kevin Durant returned to Oklahoma City.
Stephen Curry Two ESPN reporter Chris - Hanes got the news, said the Warriors believe that the Thunder team management should stand out and openly support the KD, to ease the KD and Thunder players and fans of the tension between. But in the end, the Thunder team indifferent, this attitude and practice so that the Warriors are very angry and confused.
Is there really that? "I do not agree," Cole said, "Sam - Presti (Thunder general manager) is my friend, I also understand Clay - Bennett (Thunder team chairman.) Thunder is a first-class organization So I really do not care about that rumors, unless there is a thing. So this is the source of the message? I do not know who said it is not the Warriors side of the people.We are very respectful to the Thunder, Presti It 's always my friend, I do not know where the news is.
"What makes the whole thing happen? It's the emotions between the fans," Cole went on. "When someone returns or farewell, it makes people cry, clapped, or booed." In short, it's the game Part. "
Stephen Curry Two Low Curry's point of view is that "the interesting things in the league often happen, and whatever happens, they will eventually return to the game, and we will do our best to win the game and enjoy the process and the results."
Curry said he was not scared by rumors. "Honestly, Buy Stephen Curry Two Low I am looking forward to wake up every day to see such ridiculous rumors," Meng said with a smile.
Today, the Warriors will fight off the Thunder,Stephen Curry Two Low Sale which will be the last two teams this season, the last one fight against the regular season. Durant is also in the rehabilitation period with the team to return to Russia, after the shooting training he was alone on the sidelines of the fitness bike training.