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Warriors today against the Grizzlies,Stephen Curry Shoes the game is still basically in the Warriors master, the library started poor state, but eventually contributed 21 points, 11 assists, 4 steals, the Warriors 106-94 win.
In recent games, Curry state pick up, shooting efficiency has increased, it is happy to see the warriors up and down. It is worth mentioning that the library's assists are also very good, early to find a rhythm for his teammates, on a person he sent 12 assists.
Stephen Curry Two The game, the first section of the library did not find the shooting position, he was 12 minutes in 7 of 2 shots, three in 6, 2, get 6 points, but the assists have 4 times. It seems that Curry is still going to pass the route today.
Sure enough, Curry in the pass to show their imagination, in a wave of attack, his dribble to attract defense attention, followed by a back to Livingston, while the latter is assigned to the outside space of Thompson, the ball The Although the library did not directly get the assists data, but the ball is his launch.
In the game, the library did not know whether the fight is too intense or why, the nose was broken, he plugged a mass of cotton to continue to fight, looks like it is quite happy.
Although the third section feel bad, but into the last 5 minutes, Cheap Stephen Curry Two Curry hit a set of heaven and earth, he and Livingston with the outside directly from the knife, soared 3 points! Field advantage extended to 10 points, Curry is also open hands, to the audience cheering the audience.
And his performance is not over, the last 3 minutes, Stephen Curry Two Sale Curry and 3 points, once again to the audience atmosphere to a climax. And 1 minute later, he sent a crazy pass, and then help Iguodala to complete his hands dunks! The game ended in cheering.